Ben Crawford December 16, 2021

My Profound Insight Through Washing My Clothes

I’ve had the deepest and most profound insights by washing my clothes by hand.

Sometimes I stare at my rubber gloves for a good long time, an onlooker may be forgiven to think I’ve taken a stroke or some hallucinogen- but no, I’m in deep joy.

I am not “holier than though” because I am washing my clothes by hand. If I were “holier than though” I’d be drinking boiled water only- not even with lemon.

However maybe I am more spiritual than you? I was in India you know and I walk barefoot, so there!

Jokes aside- what is important for me to convey here is that rather than further separate, me from you, with labels such as  “spirituality” or any other similar.

The act of washing clothes ,brings me closer to Earth and hence to you and thus to “us”


Have you leave of your senses Ben?  We have clothes, we get them dirty and we need to wash them- what more?

Now onto todays Show:

This unwinding within me came by reading Mark Boyle – “The Way Home”. He will never read this as he owns nothing electrical, has no internet, or is he in the monetary system. I salute you Mark. You are more spiritual than me LOL

Please have patience with my dyslexia as I tell the different themes that came from washing my clothes by hand:

1)      Water is different here where I am.  I am a fish out of water. Further I am a water logged Celtic fish out of water. I am on an island which has a marked reduction in water compared to Scotland and Ireland. I feel badly when I use a lot of it. (Even flushing the toilet) So I am aware of the water I use. Furthermore when I see the quantity I use in the buckets for simple tasks (like the dishes) I am further aware: And this is where it starts. The awareness of it.

2)      The water, after washing clothes and dishes goes on the plants and vegetables. That makes me  think about what soaps I use (Thanks Cher for the Betal nuts soap)

3)      This makes me think about my hands, my biome and said  soaps – (Thank you Sophia Pallero) I think  to myself “well, I’ll wear rubber gloves”- then I think “wait……….”What if I just used mild soaps” then no need for the rubber gloves. I feel both Einstein and Jesus  salute me.  
I have a wee scratch of the head and I imagine the global reduction in rubber gloves used for the dishes and cleaning items……
I stare at the gloves for a while like I’ve had the aforementioned stroke. Then I connect with my spirit animal/guide guru, elf, Golem and cast them to one side and carry on with great gusto.


4)      My mum (Herself : A divine female entity capable of disinfecting Uranus) came up with the grave stone epitaphs: “no one knows your dishwasher like you” And “turn your clothes inside out: It stops the birds’ detritus and the “sun damaging your clothes”
Well…. recently she remarked  the TV adverts make you think you need a powerful detergent: citing an advert saying “cleans all bacteria at 30C temperature” We both chatted about it and  agreed on the following:
This is marketing: and a little bit of fear mongering- I mean we (i hope) are not regularly cleaning faeces, so can we throw away a lot of those strong soaps? And give these companies a wee discreet middle figure and thus reduce soaps and those plastic bottles the come in?

Do I even know how detergent is made-or what is in it-.Perhaps it’s not even harmful?

5)      Well what about washing machines? What if a big group of people waited and only took the clothes we needed to be washed somewhere communal and used one washing machine once in a while? – And what if we made  that machine really high calibre- as they say here “calidad!” What would that do to the global washing machine population…now before we get on the phone to Washing Machines Equality act 2009 let me tell you: I  recently tried to recycle a washing machine in Scotland-  10 years ago I paid top dollar  for an English ( they make calidad items)  machine and I’ve been waiting for the day it breaks down with bated breath to be told- no you cannot replace the motor.

I was livid

I think of all the heavy metals in the washing machine that need to be dug up- We might think “well its only money”  It is not money – money is infinite trust me- the metals in the ground are finite, the process to make the machine is destructive – the process to recycle is consumptive and destructive and I don’t really know if the machine is really recycled despite the man on the telephones’ best efforts to resolve my  “working from home”  hernia

6)      Now- there is a washing machine in the group of caves I live in, and it runs on solar power- but even these solar units really harm the earth to create and seem to be very hard to recycle.
Washing by hand negates this completely.

7)      It goes deep folks- I don’t know this for sure and I have done zero research on matter. I am just going with my “waters”    but I’ve got a feeling washing clothes was a community thing and a social thing. I’m not getting all Alien conspiracy, plandemics or Lizards  on the moon. I’m simply letting my imagination and a touch of critical thinking go for it (Thank you Stephanie Webb)

Is there a  gossamer thread of a relationship between:
A) Marketing  and us each having to own these machines
B) The soaps that keeps us clean (are we dirty?)
C) Consumption – Money, Water, Energy and Resources 

9)      On a day to day level – the effect on ones consumption of clothes is also deep- When cooking I I use an apron- This reduces washing by -finger in the air 30%

a.       I think twice about going near dirty tasks in my normal clothes and I now take very good care not to tear or rip my clothes mainly because I am aware that my consumption of new clothes effects the Earth I stand on.

b.      Lastly I use and wear less clothes this alone is enough. I’ve discovered that 90% of clothes are pretty much clean.  Trousers and so on just need to be hung outside and maybe sprayed with vinegar or the like. I mean what are we doing with them: sitting on zoom calls?

Okay if you have Babies then I get it, or if your work makes your clothes dirty, but I am sure a clever cat like you can figure these things out and you can create your own rabbit hole about consumption and the global nappy industry and post it here J

And here is the Zen:

I steep the clothes to be washed for at least 24 -48 hours and in the sun if you have it.
This seems to do most of the hard work unless there is oil- this then takes elbow grease and  the wooden washing board
I hang them to dry (yes mum inside out)
I do my washing bit by bit- I don’t wait for  a big pile

I use less