Have you been thinking of trying to start meditating for a while and but feel you can’t sit still for long enough right now? Maybe you feel a bit restless, anxious or stressed at the thought of sitting down “doing nothing” when you have so much to do?

Here’s some good news.

Many people find walking meditation an easier place to start with than sitting meditation. And this month, our digital Sangha /meditation group will be practising walking meditation together here and on FB, three days every week!

If you feel anxious or restless in your body it gives somewhere for that energy to go while you begin to breathe and calm your mind and heart while walking.

During the month of March our friendly online meditation group will be practising walking meditation live together on IG and FB at 0630 GMT every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. It lasts 25 to 30 minutes, is completely free and no one can see you if you decide to join in. At 630am the Sangha facilitator will go “live” on FB and IG and you can practice the walking meditation along with him and the others online that have also joined. You don’t need a lot of space. Just room to take a few steps in one direction, turn and go back in the same direction and repeat!

If 30 minutes is a little long for you, or 630am is a bit early, please feel free to join in part way through the practice session for even 5 or 10 minutes, or follow the session later at a time that suits you in the day. Each live meditation session is posted on FB permanently and on IG for 24 hours.

What benefits will you get if you start practising walking meditation now? Well, the deliberate mindful movement of walking will stimulate you physically while at the same time calm you down. It a good grounding practice that brings you back to your body and to your connection with the earth.

It is also ideal if you feel like meditating but don’t have a quiet room or space readily available. It teaches you how to apply mindfulness to a physical activity and you can then take thus forward into doing whatever you are doing during the day, mindfully.

So please do come and join us. Come and enjoy feeling being grounded, with a calm mind, body and heart. You will start to experience this as we practice walking meditation together this month.