Sales Insight The Work Shop

A mindfulness and meditation platform to increase the likelihood of  commercial and organisational results
The capacity to earn more within the normal working day with some great down-time techniques

What You Get
Life long skills to effectively carry out meditative practises to benefit sales, our mental state and work life balance.

Pre workshop management and staff interviews to tailor  a specific sales workshop

The Journey contains
Inclusion of two  virtual follow up 1-2-1 sessions with each participant
The formation of a meditation group within the sales business
5 sessions of virtual meditation before during and after the workshop


Attention Focus and Awareness For Success

How to stay focused when multiple items demand prioritization: (internal and external tasks: business development, pipeline, targets, competition, client  management & administration)
How awareness to the stakeholders in the sales cycle: ourselves, clients, and team can generate success

Life Long Skills
Sales specific meditation techniques to increase quality of work concentration and relaxation (Home & office based)

Listening and Speech
How these two actions can be a meditation practice for personal and commercial prosperity

Technology is a must for results at work but it is also generally accepted that it has many unproductive aspects. The workshop gives tactics to use it with wisdom instead of being used by it

Self Awareness and Ethics
How attending our emotions behaviours and ethics translates into  personal and commercial success

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