Mindfulness For Work

The Insightful Mind Workforce Program is designed for commercial leaders, directors, people managers and all those interested in increasing the value of their human capital.

Covid-19 has accelerated workforce transformation in unexpected directions. 

The virtual landscape has meant a distributed working pattern and a sub optimal situation for performance.

Many people are struggling to work remotely due to: isolation, distractions, general stress & difficulty to concentrate. This can promote: depression, anxiety, fatigue, cloudy thinking and  thus directly affect performance.

Our solutions offer an ancient-proven meditation practice to ensure we can be relaxed and focused, said another way – how to balance tranquility and awareness to optimise performance

Healthy emotional & mental health to give results in this challenging new landscape is what we provide.


Science Based Benefits

Many studies have been conducted proving the effectiveness of mindfulness on the workforce. We will recount one for now: the General Mills Janice Marturano Study conducted on 123 employees.
83% of participants in this study said they were “taking time each day to optimise personal productivity” – up from 23% before the course. 

82% said they now make time to eliminate tasks with limited productivity value.


Workshop Benefits

Protect the asset: Human Capital is our asset

Productivity increases

Reinforcement of the firms DNA in a disconnected landscape

Remote workshops can be done anywhere


How We Work

We begin our process by evaluating your organisational objectives and individual employee needs. 
Then, we create a bespoke meditation solution with a set of specific exercises to allow employees to succeed in their work & personal lives.
We monitor and give personal 1-2-1 support at all stages of the process.
We also conduct remote workshops which are very beneficial in these pandemic times.

What We Do

Not a talk, but instead epitomises and embodies the word Zen using ultra practical solutions: Team-activities, movement, communication, routine, habits, use of technology and workplace effectiveness.


4 years ago Ben set-up online meditation communities as a successful strategy for himself and others to succeed in their work and personal lives

Barbara Newall:
Conducting the individual coaching 1-2-1’s, has practised for 12 years directly under Thich Nhat Hanh. She has been working in association with renowned meditation teachers like Tara Brach, Ph.D. and Jack Kornfield, Ph.D.
Our primary motivation is a genuine desire to help. We have 11 valuable yet cost free personal meditation sessions a week.


What We Are Not

We are not an app.
We believe in teams.
People committing to group work, is the key to human success.
We are not a talk.
We are not a one time event.



We operate on a bespoke & consultancy basis: We tailor-make all of our packages to ensure you get the most out of each session.
Our packages can be based on one off project based or “meditation as a service” smaller amounts charged monthly for regular group work.
This always includes the creation of free groups within your firm that we support indefinitely.


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