The purpose of this page is to let you know about our group practice.
Our strength is in healthy habits and group routine. These meditations and this Sangha have been running many years prior to the Covid period. However they seem custom made for our times.

They are proven to help with: working from home, concentration, communication and to elevate other stressors.

We do offer paid for bespoke and detailed workshops, but this team work we give gladly for free.



We do live, free, guided meditations online every weekday @ 0630 GMT and 1230 GMT
30 minutes each session.

More Details:
• Mondays are Always Plum Village Themed Days
• Tuesday 12:30 Mindful lunch/ Eating together in awareness
• Tue, Wed and Thur is a theme which changes each week based on what the group wants
• Fridays are always based on compassion or connecting to our hearts


***Zoom ID ****

Zoom Link 
Meeting ID: 419 212 1491
Passcode ask ben prior or the Instagram Group