Ben Crawford October 18, 2021

Is Mindful Eating Simply Natural Eating ?

It is the way my mum taught me to eat but I never listened It all makes perfect sense, slow down, chew your food not your tongue, and allow your gut to absorb nutrients.

I am guilty: My fave is an Audio book and eat: I am only doing half of each…. Wait- Breathing and eating, that works well, but these are 2 actions of the body not mind + body


So why is it so hard for me to simply Eat- And does it matter where the resistance comes from? To compound matters a real stop at lunch time is “was” difficult Then adding in eating in a meditation…

WOW now that is tough However 15 minutes into eating and I get it. A wash feelings comes over me, perhaps after the Adrenaline of hunting and gathering activities on my laptop passes “Yes stopping is good” I enjoy this body feeling And my mind who has been neglected for a whole 3.5 seconds comes in: “Wow Ben- this is good for your work…. “Well done” I laugh it off as I write this

Join a Tuesday with us. For sure your mind will create an immediate “no” response to this and the reasons it gives are fascinating.

My mind did for 11 years and still does!

Thank you Thich Nhat Hahn and Plum Village for putting water on my resistance to this

Thank you to my Mum- she is always right

Thank you to the Sangha – healthy routine and habits –

There was 0% chance of me doing this without you


Pleas write the first thing your mind says to this below for fun!

Resistance or acceptance Ben