Ben Crawford November 14, 2019

On Fridays, 0730 CET We practice Metta Or Compassion Based Meditation

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What is Metta all about?

It is an ancient practice and while I can only speak from a Buddhist perspective, it can also be translated as Loving Friendliness.

To me, it is the showing compassion to yourself and breaking down some of the hardness that we also use or even need at times to protect ourselves. By doing this we open our mind and body to a gentler attitude to ourselves and others.

This leads to being able to pass on those attitudes to others around us. While we soften ourselves we, by proxy, soften to those around us.

The hardest part was softening my attitude towards myself. It first happened back in 2013 under an Oak tree in Lough Dan in Ireland. I realized in my body (not my mind) that I was able to touch my heart space and allow myself to feel some trapped emotional energy. This was a release like never before that went on to help my business and personal life.

Prior to that I was focused on using my head space to control my body. After that experience I went on to realize that my mind had far less power over the body than I thought…

When the body has something it wants to tell you…. unless it is listened to, it may point out the message in several ways that may not feel very comfortable. By meditating, we can look at these feelings and value them as messengers as to what is going on within us.

I was introduced to this Metta practice because I was part of a Plum Village and Mindfulness Ireland Sangha in Oscuilt, BallsBridge in Dublin. I heard my now friend Aisling Curtin recite a Metta meditation by Tara Brach. At the time I thought it was too feminine for me. Maybe it was back then, but it is so powerful in a masculine way to me now. I shall repeat myself and say – it aids all of my different sitting practices, my personal and my professional life.

I will say, however, that the voice of the internal critic is still there, but now I have the capacity to soften and be gentler with both myself and others.

Let me know your thoughts. Would you like to soften your heart and be gentler to yourself and others too?

Sitting Meditation under the oak tree


The Oak Tr