Ben Crawford May 17, 2022

Great Teachers:

About twice a year I come across teachers that give me real practical value.

In 2020 It was Greg McKeown (Essentialism), Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits)  both these leads came from the fabulous  Justin Reid.

In 2021 apart from The Universe (take in a deep spiritual sigh at this kind  of barefoot rhetoric J) it was

 Einzelgänger on Youtube, F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way (a Book by John C. Parkin)

& Nazish Shameen and again Justin Reid 

We  put these teachings into practise via our meditation group, you can join us 12 times a week for live free group meditation, best way to join is to follow our IG insightful_mind


Here we go:
He draws upon different beliefs and philosophies: The Tao, Buddhism, Stoicism, Existentialism (a non-exhaustive list) and most important: his own experience culminating in practical examples condensed into a succinct 12 minutes you tube video. Now that is a skill!

How Does It Affect My Practical Life?

  • I found the Tao most beneficial and putting that practise into practice. I had not really delved into Taoism prior to this!
  • The Tao to me- It was just like starting meditation it’s very hard, if I want to get good at “letting go” I have got to try it and try it every day. Instagram quotes are different to doing the work.
  • If I want to believe in a universal force I must trust other people and not try to control shit that is out of my control. And actually let go of something….This is easier during meditation and especially Mettá.
  • If I want to to move into effortless action I need to drop things that are not my purpose- So I always welcome a revisit to a chat on purpose.

He covers topics like

Freedom of choice
Unwholesome and wholesome relationships
Tao and Love
Fun things like Fight Club and being a human
The Matrix and our reality
Purpose (finding/having)
Suffering and Joy
Being a loner
Healthy solitude
For me : a new light on existentialism


And you can find him here on You Tube and his Website here