Metta Meditation

Fridays Morning Are Mettā Meditation (Compassion Based)

November 14, 2019

On Fridays, 0730 CET We practice Metta Or Compassion Based Meditation Join our digital meditation group or “Sangha” to practice live meditation and group discussion. (We mediate Mon-Fri see our social page) What is Metta all about? It is an ancient practice and while I can only speak from...

Social Media Name Change

November 6, 2019

An image of a world map, coffee and laptop laid out on a wooden table

Decision Making

July 25, 2018

This practice allows us to put the best version of ourselves forward to enable the best commercial decisions

A group of people meditating in a conference room


July 18, 2018

Mindfulness helps navigate the only moment we ever have; this present moment awareness allows us to respond as opposed to react. Being able to harness this puts the best version of ourselves forward

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