Ben Crawford December 3, 2019
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30 Day Practice: From Dennis Lewis

Starting tomorrow and for the next 30 days, our online meditation group Live On Instagram and Face Book will be exploring breathing meditations together from Dennis Lewis’s outstanding audiobook “Natural Breathing”.

I first came across this when I was reading “The Rock Warrior’s way” (thankyou Andy Minshul), which was helping me with my overly irrational fear of falling when climbing. Dennis has a book called “Breathing As a Metaphor For Living” and I thought to myself…any book with that title deserves a few deep breaths and my attention.

The audio book cost just 10 US dollars (see link and below) – which is an unreal price for what it has given me so far, that is, teaching me how to:

Use my breath as a tool to both survive and to thrive, and

Breathe with the whole of my body.

This has had an incredible upward effect on everything I do, it has directly impacted both my commercial and personal life. Plus of course, breathing is  top of my survival needs (and yours too!).

For example, Dennis explains that we can learn more when we breathe more deeply using our whole body and less in the top part of our breathing apparatus (ie our upper lungs). Currently I am learning Spanish and I  have been using this to breathe more deeply when I am spoken to in Spanish and have found that I am able to absorb and learn more in that moment. It has parallels with the practice of mindful listening as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh, in which you listen with your whole body and mind while breathing gently and deeply and are able to really take in both what is being said, and often what is unsaid too.

If this resonates with you and like me, you would also like to increase your understanding of  the mechanics of the breath, and the relationship of breath, emotions, and energy then please join our  friendly online group, which will be exploring Dennis Lewis’s breathing exercises for 30 days from tomorrow.

Everyone is welcome to join the group and it’s totally free.

Please do join us at 630am GMT tomorrow when we will start our 30 days’ practice together, learning and experiencing the Whole-Body Breath, the Spacious Breath, the Smiling Breath and the Vital Breath, as taught by Dennis Lewis, and more. These practices will improve your health, increase your energy, and support your quest for inner growth.

Every Monday night at 6.00pm GMT we have a video meeting where we share “face to face” about our experiences with the practice.  You are also welcome to join!