We Teach Mindfulness For Your Work Place

"Take your business, and your life, into your own hands with a mindfulness practice” Jeff Bezos, CEO: Amazon.

Being able to navigate the present moment puts us in the best position to be successful in the work place.

We provide a life long personal development toolkit for work and home.

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We Specialise In Mindfulness For The Sales Force

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Sales Force Practices Mindfulness and Meditation every day. He has a mindfulness zone in every floor at the San Francisco office.

Combining 12 years of sales experience with 15+ years mindfulness and meditation, Insightful Mind applies the techniques of mindfulness to increase sales and pipeline whilst remaining in the parameters of a balanced work life day.

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Our Expertise Is Mindfulness For Recruitment Firms

"I am now meditating daily" "I decided my first principle of management would be managing compassionately" Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn.

Drawing on 8 years of recruitment experience, our workshop explores the idiosyncrasies involved in using mindfulness and meditations for commercial success in recruitment.

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Why Us & What You Get

Our package is unique, we create a journey and a path for each organisation & employee.

Within the service each member of staff gets more than 5 hours face time with our team. Broken down as follows:

  • An onsite activity based workshop, both in groups and at the desk. It is a “how to” & not a lecture.
  • Five group based meditation sessions outside of work, these live online sessions cover the basics of how to meditate.
  • Two interviews one to one with Barbara and I.
  • The creation of a practising group within your business which we support this indefinitely for free.

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